November 10, 2017

Marriage & Family Counseling

John is a member of the Massachusetts Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT). His most recent counseling work has been with the In-home Therapy (IHT) group at Advocates in Marlboro. He worked for 3 ½ years at IHT before retiring so that he could spend more time with his grandchildren. His professional background prior to counseling was as a radar instructor.

Most of his referrals are church goers; however, counseling is open to anyone seeking help.

John Gargan (plus a grandchild!)

He has a passion for helping couples and families work through difficulties and to help everyone realize their strengths and work better together. He will work with families to establish greater stability and collaborate in establishing achievable goals.

John’s specialty is marriage counseling. He is a Prepare/Enrich facilitator. This program is a well established, evidenced-based assessment for pre-marriage and post-marriage couples. This assessment can also be a useful tool to help the counseling process move forward. For more information, please visit their website. He has conducted various marriage seminars through the years to help couples in their communication skills and to provide tools to help couples turn toward each other and work through difficulties instead of turning away.

My hope is that each couple will rediscover the qualities, uniqueness, values that first caused them to want to spend their life together.  Marriage is not a 100 yd. dash; but a marathon.  Great personal growth can also be achieved as couples work through areas of disagreements and conflict. Perhaps my greatest desire is to renew hope for the future and that the dreams that were one in evidence will be restored.

To schedule an appointment:
Phone: 508-596-5398