January 13, 2021

Growth Goal

God is our good Heavenly Father – he loves to talk to his kids! It’s an incredible gift to be able to hear God’s voice guiding us. Like any good parent, he speaks to us, encourages us, tells us when we are wrong, and helps us. God is speaking, because he loves us.
This spring and summer, in sermons, prayer time, small groups, and devotionals we will be developing habits of listening to God and a responsive relationship with God.
Growth Goal: “I can recognize God’s voice.”

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD e-guide:  Hearing Gods Voice
“Ok, God loves me and wants to communicate with me. But HOW?!”
Our team has put together a short e-book to help you listen to God and tell if it is God or not. 

Jesus said,  “My sheep hear my voice. I know them and they follow me.”  ~John 10:27