January 13, 2021

Growth Goal

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In the midst of controversy and COVID, do you feel at peace?
Most of us do not!
But there are real ways we can turn our inner life from chaos to calm. Download your free guide to 3 easy ways to help you spiritually Focus on Jesus and Receive God’s Peace HERE! 

Our Growth Goal this winter is: Receiving God’s Peace. Through online church, small groups, prayer times, devotionals, social media, and conversations – we will grow in receiving God’s peace! Let’s stick together and grow together!

We need each other to help us stay centered on Jesus. When we are focused on the all-powerful God, who walked through the rubble of earth to die for us and live for us, we live in the peace of knowing God’s love wins. As a community, we practice spiritual ways of receiving God’s peace, so that it becomes a spiritual habit.

Jesus said,  “Peace I give you, my own peace I leave with you. I do not give to you like the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  ~John 14:27