March 12, 2020


You are not alone – even with our restrictions, we are coming together and supporting each other!
We have 2 safe, meaningful, and encouraging Sunday services: Outside at 9:30am and Online at 10am.
Our small groups continue to meet and connect online. If you aren’t in a life group, now’s a great time to join one!
Call, text, message, FaceTime or video chat with each other. This is an opportunity to be connected using technology in a personal way. Let’s make every effort to connect with each other these next few weeks and especially on Sunday mornings. And please, call the church at 508.497.5100 or email church staff ┬áto talk or let us know how we can be praying for you!
We also have some safe, outside, social-distancing events that we’d love to see you at during the summer months.
Do you need help? Can you help out? Social distancing is distancing some of us from resources and finances too! Let’s come together as a family to support each other –
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